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Everyone at Grist has worked in telly. Mrs Grist was a journalist on most of the BBC News programmes as well as Newsnight, Newsround, and quite a number of Science documentaries, and I was a documentary maker. When we look for people to work with us we have always ended…

We have nothing to fear… the negatives in your bid. By Bill Grist

Some thoughts on the negatives. When bidding new projects we find that people do two things: 1. Underestimate how good they are 2. Overestimate the negatives Now this is interesting, because as human beings, to put it bluntly, we tend to think we’re great. We pretty much all think we’re above average at pretty much … Continue reading

FM and BIM – great piece from FM World

http://www.fm-world.co.uk/news/fm-industry-news/role-of-fm-in-bim-will-be-key/ Speakers at a conference in London have claimed that building information modelling (BIM) will “break the cycle of buildings being perpetual prototypes”, putting operational and life cycle issues on top of the construction agenda.   At the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors’ BIM conference in London, architect Paul Fletcher said that the construction industry … Continue reading

Lindsay grist – It’s ALL about people

We have worked on hundreds of bids in the past few years.  Not just in FM, although it is one of our specialities, and we have won some and we have lost some.  It is never nice to lose, and trying to understand the reasons for losing are absolutely vital.  But it also very important … Continue reading

Curing Presentation Nerves – by Bill Grist

My husband has been thinking about nerves…. Virtually everyone who works for Grist has worked in television, and most have worked for the BBC.  Why?  Because when you consider how nervous many of us feel when talking to a dozen people consider how you would feel if there were a million watching? TV is a … Continue reading

Presenting FM

“Don’t tell me words don’t matter” A quote from one of the greatest orators of recent history. There were many reasons Barack Obama became President of the United States not least of which was his ability to get the crowd on his side. He wants something from his audience. He wants to win them over. … Continue reading

Welcome from Lindsay Grist

For over 5 years we have been working in the FM industry to help our clients win new business.  I worked at the BBC for 15 years and so helping to shape great presentations that win new business using words and pictures together is something we love to do. At Grist Communications we can help … Continue reading