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Lindsay grist – It’s ALL about people

We have worked on hundreds of bids in the past few years.  Not just in FM, although it is one of our specialities, and we have won some and we have lost some.  It is never nice to lose, and trying to understand the reasons for losing are absolutely vital.  But it also very important to understand the reason for winning.  It’s human nature that when we win we tend to just think (mostly privately in case we seem smug) that we’re just great at what we do.  But understanding a winning bid is just as vital as understanding a losing one.

Losing makes us reconsider everything.  Winning may make us complacent.  We have known people carry on doing what they did to win, without realising the world had changed.  The companies they beat took a good look at what they were doing and jumped ahead.  Our team got stuck in the past and lost several times on the trot thinking “But this worked before?”

Which brings me to the point.  Every bid is different because every bid is about people, and people are incredibly complex things.

One thing we are sure of, winning is nearly always about getting the best out of people, and we don’t mean just the bid team.

We have made a number of client testimonial films, and staff testimonial films, and we are thrilled to hear from end users that our clients are doing a really good job.  From our perspective there is little better when you are at the sharp end of bidding, to say “This is what our last client says about us”

But on a personal note, we love most hearing the staff on the ground talk about how proud they are of the service they give, that they feel part of something good, and that they get real satisfaction from doing a job well.

This is the virtuous cycle that makes winning new business easier.  (Never easy, but easier)

If you have motivated staff they make your client happy.  A happy client will communicate that to the world.  Your new new clients will pick that up.  You will win more business.


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