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We have nothing to fear… the negatives in your bid. By Bill Grist

Some thoughts on the negatives.

When bidding new projects we find that people do two things:

1. Underestimate how good they are

2. Overestimate the negatives

Now this is interesting, because as human beings, to put it bluntly, we tend to think we’re great. We pretty much all think we’re above average at pretty much everything… So why when we sit in a room with professionals are they less confident than they should be?

I’m really not sure, and I’d love to hear what people think.

But, the good news is, there is a cure.

The cure is very simple and very effective.

1. Focus on how good you are

2. Deal with the negatives

Both of these are perfectly illustrated by something that happened to me a while ago. We were bidding an Academy school. The project director, the man who would be personally responsible for the construction, kept saying, “But I’ve never built an Academy before.”

Eventually we got round to focussing on his part of the presentation and he said it again. Plainly this bothered him – a lot.

“So have you built any other types of educational buildings?” I asked.

“Yes, a couple of Primaries, a Secondary, an FE college and 2 university buildings.”

“But that’s fantastic!” someone said. And it was.

Remind yourself what you’re good at. Ignore all the problems along the way. No one cares or is interested.

Focus on the negatives you see as important. Maybe lack of experience? Maybe this project is bigger than anything you’ve done before? Now think your way through that and find an honest, positive response.

So if my builder was asked, “How many Academies have you built?” (he wasn’t, but if he had been) he would have said. “I’ve never built an Academy, but I have built 2 Primaries……. and I’m really looking forward to using all that experience and learning what is unique about an Academy.”

Punchline?  Do the work.  You will find that you have a great story to tell. Remind yourselves what you’re good at and deal with the negatives.  If you do you will find they aren’t a problem.


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