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Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse Lovely moment yesterday. We’ve done a lot of preparation for a big presentation (no details, sorry) and one of the team had struggled with nerves throughout. That is, had worried about nerves throughout. In reality he was really good at presenting, but couldn’t finally shift the worry…

Training works

Last week we had a moment of terror. We were delivering a sales training course. We get people to deliver a presentation they have done before. We know with our 20 years experience of script writing in TV and 7 years of working in bidding, that we can always help improve the way people are … Continue reading

Originally posted on Grist Present:
We come from TV, and that means we have spent an unatural amount of time thinking about something most people don’t have to think about – how to tell a story. What is a story? In business, a story is a joined-up series of messages. It’s not “Once upon a…